About us

“The mark of an icon is that he can be identified by only his shadow. You see that cap, and you know it’s Jack Parow.”
JACK PAROW is more than a dangerous rapper and a controversial headline – he’s a poet and a South African Pop Culture Icon.

Parow has rewritten what it means to be Afrikaans. He is our Ambassador of good times filling up the jols; proudly representing South Africa and his mother tongue as far as he goes - even all the way to Russia. He is one of South Africa’s most recognizable stars and a notable cross-cultural collaborator. He is a keen social observer, colouring his lyrics with relatability.

Jack Parow is also an avid gamer, traveller, creator, creative director, brand ambassador, collaborator.

There are the gold and platinum albums, the long peak caps, the Parow Brandy, the documentaries, the autobiography, the PUMA vellies and golden high-tops, his own festival in Europe, the comic book, the two TV series, the rugby jerseys, the braai sauce, the movie… He has even been Schucksed by Shuster.

He forms strong bonds with his fans and that’s why, after 13 years, he is stronger than ever.

But more than anything Jack Parow is die ou met die snor by die bar.